You can use this form to contact Fix Arlington Streets and tell us about the street conditions in your area!

(Please note that Fix Arlington Streets is not affiliated with the Arlington government or any other local, state or federal government. This form is not a substitute for reporting street conditions to your local authorities. By submitting data through this form, you are giving Fix Arlington Streets consent to use the data submitted, anonymously, for any purpose.)

Add a street name, address, or even GPS coordinates!
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What is this information used for?

When you submit location data about streets in need of repair, we use it to build maps, graphs, reports and other informational content as well as to gather on-location photos of Arlington streets. This data is important for many reasons, but mainly it helps us independently build a picture of Arlington’s street conditions, which is another tool we can use to lobby politicians to get our streets repaired.

We will never sell your data, and data which is shared is always anonymized and made publicly and freely available. Your personal information (name, email) is NEVER shared with third-parties.