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We can only improve the streets of Arlington if we work together to make it happen. We must let the mayor and city council know that road conditions are a priority that affects everyone and every aspect of life in our city. Fortunately, there are many things we can do right now:

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Is Your Candidate ROAD Ready?

It’s pretty simple: We need politicians that go beyond just supporting road improvements and instead make it a priority. Street conditions affect nearly every aspect of life in Arlington, whether you’re visiting friends, shopping or seeing the big game. An issue this important deserves candidates that take it seriously.

Before you vote in the May 6, 2023 election, you should ask yourself: “Is my candidate ROAD Ready?”


Street Repairs are a priority


Open to grants and new sources of funding


Active track record of supporting road improvements


Supports street improvements for all Districts

The Time To Fix Arlington’s Streets is Now

“One of the most basic needs of our city is being neglected and the cost to citizens and businesses will only grow.”

The honest truth is that Arlington has hundreds of miles of streets. Even if we start today, it could take years to bring every road in Arlington up to level that our citizens deserve. That’s why it’s important that we demand action now, not next year. The home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers shouldn’t have some of the worst streets in Texas. This problem demands an immediate solution

One of the most basic needs of our city is being neglected and the cost to citizens and businesses will only grow. We must demand immediate and aggressive road building programs. 10.42 miles of new road a year is not enough, and very few of those miles are the high-volume streets most in need of repair.

You can make a difference contacting your representatives, attending city council meetings, and following FixArlingtonStreets on social media and through our monthly newsletter. Also, don’t forget to vote in the May 6, 2023 General Election!



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